Countywide Watershed Study

County Judge Fort Bend County, TX

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For Immediate Release

FORT BEND COUNTY, TX – On May 1, 2018, Fort Bend County Commissioners Court authorized advertising a ‘Request for Qualifications’ (RFQ) for a countywide watershed study.   This study will provide up to date information on water flow across the county, allowing the Court to use it as a tool to plan and prioritize flood mitigation projects. The RFQ is the first step in performing this extremely broad-based study that will evaluate water flow patterns and identify problems over the entire 880 square miles of the county.  The study will look at streams, creeks, bayous, drainage districts and levee districts, as well as consider the effects of development that Fort Bend County has experienced in the last 30 years and will experience for decades to come. The study will also integrate current research on the Barker Reservoir,  and Jones and Bessie’s Creeks into the final report. “As a result of this study, we are going to determine and prioritize improvements in the handling of water within the entire watershed that will mitigate the risk of flooding, especially during high rain events,” said County Judge Bob Hebert.

The County anticipates award of the contract sometime in mid-June with completion of the study in December 2019 or early 2020. Judge Hebert said, “We have to know, as quickly as possible, what projects make sense.  We have to prioritize those projects and determine which have positive cost-benefit ratios before we can make an intelligent bond request from taxpayers.  We will need voter approval to issue debt as the working number for local contributions is estimated to be $250 million, and voters won’t approve that amount of debt unless we do our homework.”

Governor Abbott has asked for funds from the federal government for this study, but there is no indication at this time as to when or if funds might become available. “We know that if the study were funded directly by the federal government, the process would add a significant amount of time to its completion. Based on our recent history with the river and rainfall in the county, we do not have the time to wait.  We will move ahead on this study.  Hopefully, federal funding will catch up with us so we are following all federal procurement rules to maintain eligibility,” Judge Hebert said.

Fort Bend County has previously submitted a ‘wish list’ of necessary infrastructure projects of more than $1.5 Billion at the request of the Governor.  $1.4 Billion of that amount is to stabilize the Brazos River banks in areas where erosion threatens federal, state, local assets or recognized historical properties as required by federal law. Only $100 Million of the current request targets local flood-hazard mitigation projects. Judge Hebert commented,” The $100 Million currently requested addresses projects that have been on our needs list for several years, but the results of Harvey show us that we have much greater needs across the county. This study will allow us to qualify and quantify those needs and will allow us to expand our project list in an intelligent, cost-effective manner.”


Fort Bend County is located in the Texas Southeast, immediately South and West of Harris County and the city of Houston. It is the home of more than 750,000 people and is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States. For more information about Fort Bend County, visit the county homepage at